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High-pressure water jetting uses a high-speed stream of water to clean various surfaces and through a variety of solid materials.

High-pressure water jetting does not refer to the average car power washer, it relates to a jetting system that can produce about 30 times that pressure. High-pressure water jetting is used across a wide range of industries; it is economical, environmentally friendly and extremely versatile, making it a popular choice in commercial, industrial and domestic environments.

High-pressure water jetting can be extremely dangerous. It is therefore essential that all staff expected to use this type of equipment receive appropriate and adequate training in accordance with the High-Pressure Water Jetting Association’s (HPWJA) Code of Practice.


What is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting uses a high-speed stream of water to clean various surfaces and through a variety of solid materials. In high-pressure water jetting, water is forced through a small hole in the jet nozzle, it’s this restriction that results in the high-pressure water stream. The stream is extremely powerful and is able to cut through grease, ice and even concrete.

High-pressure water jetting can either be pure water, water with abrasives, cleaning chemicals and/or other additives. The jets operate at a pressure of between 10,000 to 25,000 psi (70 to 170 MPa) from a system that includes an engine, pump, water storage tank, hose, specialized nozzle and other accessories.


What High-Pressure Water Jetting Course Does Skills Training Centre Offer?

At Skills Training Centre all water jetting courses offered are City & Guilds accredited and delivered by WJA-approved water jetting training instructors. 

Our course content is regularly updated in line with technological advances and changes to safety and regulatory requirements; trainees and their employers can be certain they are receiving the best possible instruction.

Our entry-level course is Water Jetting Safety Awareness. This is a mandatory one-day class-based course covering all main areas of water jetting operation and safety. Including the different types of water jetting, water pressure and flow rates, risk assessment, and the use of safety clothing. At the end of the course, delegates must pass a 20-question multiple-choice questionnaire. 

The Safety Awareness course is essential as it "Validates" the other courses. The Water Jetting Safety Awareness course expires after three years so must be retaken to retain registration with the WJA and to re-validate the other course certificates. If your Safety Awareness certificate goes out of date, for any reason, your other certificates immediately become invalid. An in-date Safety Awareness certificate is required to keep all certificates validated.

Once the Water Jetting Safety Awareness course is successfully completed, candidates will be able to progress to learn hands-on skills by attending our other training courses that include practical instruction.

 These include:

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning (half-day)

  • Surface Preparation (half-day)

  • Tube and Pipe Cleaning (half-day) - COMING SOON

  • Hydrodemolition (full-day) - COMING SOON

  • We also offer a standalone full-day Pressure Washing course - COMING SOON


What are the Benefits of Undertaking the City & Guilds Accredited High-Pressure Water Jetting Courses?

Benefits for operatives:

• Successful candidates are registered with the WJA international database.

• Successful candidates are issued with a certificate and a WJA photo-ID card, detailing courses passed.

• WJA water jetting training is recognised by employers and is required by many contractors.


Benefits for employers:

• WJA training sets a benchmark for skills and operational standards.

• It supports safe, productive and sustainable water jetting practices.

• It supports workforce development and key operative retention.

• It provides quality assurance for prospective customers.


Who Should Attend the City & Guilds Accredited High-Pressure Water Jetting Courses?

At Skills Training Centre our High-Pressure Water Jetting Courses are suitable for new or inexperienced operators who have not had any previous training and who need to improve their knowledge and skillset within their industry.

Our High-Pressure Water Jetting Courses are also suitable for experienced operators who require re-training or a refresher due to changes in equipment specification or legislation.

The courses are also suitable for managers and supervisors who are responsible for water jetting personnel Health and Safety managers. As well as, client-side contractors or operational managers who obtain the services of water jetting specialists.

We don’t believe in delivering courses that just tick boxes, we provide training that allows our attendees to learn new skills, improve existing skills and retain industry-based knowledge. The courses we provide are designed to be relevant and cost effective and are delivered to high standards. Our instructors are professional and experienced in their respective fields and are highly skilled at taking into account the needs of individuals with different skills, abilities and experiences. 

If you wish to gain further insight into our High-Pressure Water Jetting training courses and what Skills Training Centre can provide for you, please get in touch.

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