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Offer a range of practical courses highly relevant to those working in Street Cleansing services. The course objectives are to ensure that staff clearly demonstrate that they possess the required level of knowledge and skills.

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We offer a range of practical courses highly relevant to those working in the Refuse; Street Cleansing & Recycling services. We can also provide on the job assessments for the relevant WAMITAB NVQ Qualifications.

We also have considerable experience in delivering relevant/practical courses covering customer care, dealing with violence/aggression and general health & safety training for this group of staff. For further details, there is a leaflet available for you to download from the Brochures menu option.

City & Guilds 6033 - Recycling & Refuse Vocational Qualification

City & Guilds 6033 - Street Cleansing Vocational Qualification

These qualifications intend to cater for all methods of operation and the wide range of different equipment in use. They use verbal questioning to enable those with reading or writing difficulties to be qualified and is carried out on-the-job, so there is very little disruption to day to day operations is designed around your own local procedures as well as the relevant national legislation.

Our instructors and assessors are very experienced and have worked for many years as trainers/managers/instructors in the skills and safety training industry. Most delegates find that their practical hands on approach, makes the training easy to understand. The instructors understand equal opportunities and will make every effort to ensure that all delegates are treated equally with understanding and respect.

This scheme provides employers in the refuse, recycling and street cleansing industries with a formally assessed and recorded method of achieving some of their health & safety obligations. STC's course objectives are to ensure that staff clearly demonstrate that they possess the required level of knowledge and skills. To provide a system of training and assessment that is rapid and effective. The scheme is intended to meet industry needs by being responsive and flexible, while at the same time being comprehensive and thorough enough to support line management in meeting legislatively required minimum standards.

The Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB)

The Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board (WAMITAB) was established in 1989 with a remit to determine and advise on policy and standards of education, qualifications and training for all employees in the waste management industry. WAMITAB is the awarding body for the waste management industry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and joint awarding body, with Scottish Qualifications Authority, for qualifications in Scotland. To meet the required training needs, it has developed Level 2 QCF covering waste (refuse) collection, recycling, and street cleansing.

WAMITAB training provides benefits including helping to promote and maintain the quality of Waste Management in organisations, enhance teamwork and develop relationships with employees, employers and clients. It helps organisations identify the skills that their staff possess and make staff aware of their development and progress, it may also aid with the securing of future contracts or tenders, and help future proof your organisation by bringing clarity and the ability to anticipate areas of improvement.

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