High Pressure Water Jetting - Health & Safety Awareness and Surface Cleaning

High Pressure Water Jetting

Who should attend?

All those who may be required to use High Pressure Water Jetting equipment as part of their job and specifically for the purpose of Surface Cleaning. This course will also be useful to those required to manage or supervise staff using this type of equipment.

It is important to note that the Health and Safety Awareness certificate expires after 3 years and will need to be renewed in order to re-validate the practical unit - Surface Cleaning

Course aim

To provide delegates with underpinning knowledge of Health & Safety for High Pressure Water Jetting.

To enable delegates to safety carry out Surface Cleaning.

Course content


Applications & Machines:-

  • Cleaning & surface preparation
  • Jet cutting - precision and volume removal

Legislation & the WJA codes of practice:-

  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • WJA codes of practice

Jetting equipment- nozzles:-

  • Jet principles
  • Types of nozzle

Jetting equipment- pumps:-

  • Pump configuration
  • Water supply/delivery features
  • Pressure safety release options

Jetting equipment- pressure controls:-

  • Dump & dry shut controls
  • Pressure regulators

Jetting equipment- high pressure hose:-

  • Hose construction & pressure ratings
  • Hose end fittings
  • Connectors and hose end couplings

Water jetting hazards:-

  • Directly from the water jet
  • Hose end fittings

Water jetting injuries:-

  • Effects of impact by high pressure water jet
  • Use of WJA medical card

Operational procedures:

  • Routine care & inspection
  • Safety points during operation


Applications & Machines:-

  • Scope of surface cleaning & preparation applications
  • Range of tasks
  • Range of jetting machines suitable for surface cleaning/preparation

Jetting Equipment - Nozzles & Ancillaries:-

  • Review nozzle principles
  • Associated ancillary equipment

Jetting Equipment- High Pressure Hose:-

  • Hose used in surface cleaning & preparation applications
  • Damage & wear possibilities
  • Hose ancillaries

Jetting Equipment - Machines:-

  • Range of jetting machines used
  • Engine controls & instruments
  • Auto engine speed control systems
  • Pressure safety relief
  • Water supply/delivery features
  • Filtration requirements
  • Boost feed pumps

Job Assessment & Planning:-

  • Information & assessment
  • Base material & contaminants
  • Selection of equipment & manning levels
  • Safe system of work

Operational Procedures:-

  • Daily checks
  • Setting-up
  • Monitoring of operation
  • Job completion

Practical Exercises

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