What Training is Available for Winter Maintenance Operatives and Supervisors?

At Skills Training Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of training and assessments for both the City & Guilds 6159 - Winter Service Qualification and the LANTRA - Winter Service Operations qualification.

A cost-effective way of ensuring that winter service operations are being carried out safely and correctly is to ensure that operatives, supervisors and managers are adequately trained and assessed. 

The importance of winter maintenance should never be underestimated. A high level of training should be completed in a timely and effective manner, to ensure all work is carried out at the highest of standards.

Winter Maintenance Courses Provided by Skills Training Centre

At Skills Training Centre, we offer a comprehensive range of training and assessments for both the City & Guilds 6159 - Winter Service Qualification and the LANTRA - Winter Service Operations qualification. 

Our experienced trainers/assessors will put all candidates at ease and will ensure they have sufficient knowledge to enable them to operate safely and effectively. At Skills Training Centre we can also provide training for Managers/Supervisors, in accordance with the scheme requirements.

Winter Maintenance Courses Provided by City and Guilds (6159) and LANTRA:

Winter Service - Health & Safety:

This programme is for all candidates who are involved with Winter Operations. It is aimed at both existing Winter Service Operatives, who need re-assessment to renew their registration and for new or inexperienced operatives who are seeking registration for the first time. 

The LANTRA qualification also offers the Health and Safety day as an alternative to the City & Guilds scheme. For a small additional cost, the Health & Safety day can also be delivered as a Driver CPC course.

Winter Service - Training:

This course is primarily aimed at all those responsible for operating winter equipment, for example, road gritting machines and snow-clearing machinery. The Winter Service Training course will provide attendees with relevant information which will enable them to operate the machinery safely and effectively.

Winter Service - Assessments: 

The City and Guilds qualification is divided into various categories of winter service vehicles. In order to qualify for the award, an operative must pass Unit 680 (Health & Safety) and at least one of the following other units: 611, 612, 613, 614, 615, 640, 650, 660 or 670.

The LANTRA qualification consists of the following practical assessment units: WSO02, WSO03, WSO03, WSO04 & WSO05. Only one of these practical units needs to be passed to gain the qualification. The operative must have passed the Heath and Safety (WSO01 or WSO1/OL) unit first before undertaking the practical assessment.

Winter Service - Unit 621 (Manager/Supervisor):

The course is for all those involved in supervising and monitoring winter service operations. Unit 621 is also suitable for duty officers and managers where appropriate.

The programme has been developed to ensure that Winter Service Supervisors are assessed against health and safety and other duties that relate to the delivery of effective winter service operations. This unit is a stand-alone unit that is available to those involved in the supervision and monitoring of winter service operations.

All of the Winter Maintenance courses we provide at Skills Training Centre are designed to be relevant, cost-effective and delivered to high standards. Our instructors are professional and experienced in their respective fields and are highly skilled at taking into account the needs of individuals with different skills, abilities and experiences.

If you wish to gain further insight into our Winter Maintenance Training courses and what Skills Training Centre can provide for you, please get in touch.

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