New Online Course for New Roads and Street Works

Skills Training Centre is now offering an Optional Online Preparation course for their New Roads and Street Works course.

We have set up an online training course for candidates to complete, in their own time and at their own pace, before attending their NRSWA course here at Skills Training Centre. This online course is also suitable for candidates to use post-course as an aid to help them with any re-tests they may need to do as a result of failed units.

The New Roads and Street Works (NRSWA) course is made up of a variety of units and the online course coincides with this.  Each online unit consists of several short videos which include a PowerPoint presentation and, in some instances, a filmed practical exercise.  The majority of the videos include a couple of questions, in order for the learners to check that they have understood the material before moving on to the next video. At the end of each unit, there is an exam, this is intended to be much like the exam the learners will undertake when they attend the training centre.

Throughout the online course, learners are able to watch and rewatch the videos as often as they need to and then study at their own pace.  Most of the videos are around 20 minutes long, meaning participants can study in intervals of 20 minutes, or less if required.  Research shows that this type of micro-learning is great for helping learners when dealing with complex topics, breaking information down into more digestible chunks that are more easily retained.

How do I purchase the New Roads and Street Works online course?

The NRSWA Operatives Units 001-006 & 009 & Supervisors 001 & 010-014 online course can be purchased from our website for £47.99 inc. VAT. or it can be purchased with the practical NRSWA face-to-face courses.

If a candidate does not participate in the online preparation course prior to attending the New Roads and Street Work unit at Skills Training Centre and they, unfortunately, don’t pass their end-of-course assessment. The candidate is allowed to purchase the online training course to complete prior to resitting their exams.

Alternatively, if a candidate fails a specific area of the NRSWA face-to-face assessment, the online course is available to be purchased per unit, allowing candidates to rebuild their confidence and knowledge in order to re-sit the exam.

Our Director Claudine is excited about the new course offering at Skills Training Centre and said “The feedback from learners that have completed the online course so far has been very positive.  The majority of people attending up to this point have been people who have already attended their course and failed one or more exams and those learners have then gone on to pass their resits after completing the relevant online course unit(s).”

Skills Training Centre plan to offer this online course alongside all NRSWA course bookings, allowing delegates to complete the online course before attending any face-to-face course. This in turn will provide learners with a better chance of passing their exams the first time around.

If you wish to gain further insight into the new NRSWA Operatives Units 001-006 & 009 & Supervisors 001 & 010-014 online course, please get in touch.

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