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On 6 April 2017, new changes came into effect regarding the certificates, cards and their expiry dates.

Important changes to note are that, each certificate (Unit) now has it's own expiry date - there is no longer a single card expiry date. Key certificates (Unit 001 - coded as LA, and Unit 002 - coded as O1 or Unit 010 - coded as S1) will be featured on the front of the SWQR card, while any other certificates will be listed on the back.

The Key certificates will be valid for 5 years. While these key certificates remain valid, other certificates can be added at any time. If the Key certificates have expired, the other certificates will also become invalid until the Key certificates are renewed.

Certificates can be renewed up to 5 years after they have expired by passing a computer based multiple choice test for each certificate. If over 5 years, then the full practical assessment must be undertaken again.

Certificates can be renewed at any time from 12 months before they are due to expire. The remaining period of validity within that year will be added onto the new cards expiry date, i.e. if the certificate still has 4 months remaining before expiry, the new card's 5 year expiry date will then be increased by 4 months. (becoming 5 years and 4 months). This option is useful in allowing certificates with varying expiry dates to all be renewed at the same time.

Course aim

To provide delegates with refresher training inputs to enable to pass the reassessment exams for each unit.

Learning objectives

This is a two Day course covering all units. Day one provides refresher training and revision exercises

Day two consists of multiple choice exam papers for each of the Units that are required to be re-registered.

As the exams are 'open book' candidates are allowed the following documents for reference whilst completing the exams:

1. Specification for the Reinstatement Openings in Roads/Highways, Approved Code of Practice
2. Safety at Street Works and Road Works, Approved Code of Practice (Department for Transport)
3. An Introduction to Vehicle Actuated Portable Traffic Signals (Department for Transport)
4. Avoiding Danger from Underground Services HSG 47 (Health and Safety Executive)
5. Volume 1: NJUG Guidelines On The Positioning And Colour Coding Of Underground Utilities' Apparatus (National Joint Utilities Group)
6. Roadworks Theory and Practice
7. Specification for Highway Works, Series 1000

We will provide reference materials for use during the refresher training and clean copies of these documents for the examination day, however we would strongly advise candidates to re-familiarise themselves with these documents prior to attending their course.

As these exams have to be completed under timed examination conditions, please contact us prior to booking if any of your staff have special needs or learning difficulties as further information may be applicable to these candidates.

There are 16 street works units in total - 8 operative units and 7 supervisor units. Unit 020 is universal to operatives and supervisors. The 16 units can be combined to make up 12 full qualifications (6 operatives qualifications and 6 supervisor qualifications). A breakdown of this is shown below. In order to obtain a Street Works ID card, at least one full qualification must be gained.

Course content

Key Certificates

Unit 020 - Reassessed Location and avoidance of underground apparatus
Unit 021 - Reassessed Signing, lighting and guarding

Other Certificates for Operatives

Unit 022 - Reassessed Excavation in the highway
Unit 023 - Reassessed Reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
Unit 024 - Reassessed Reinstatement of sub-base and roadbase in non-bituminous materials
Unit 025 - Reassessed Reinstatement of cold-lay bituminous materials
Unit 026 - Reassessed Reinstatement of hot-lay bituminous materials
Unit 027 - Reassessed Reinstatement of concrete slabs
Unit 028 - Reassessed Reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways


Key Certificates

Unit 020 - Reassessed Location and avoidance of underground apparatus
Unit 029 - Reassessed Monitoring signing, lighting and guarding

Other Certificates for Supervisors

Unit 030 - Reassessed Monitoring excavation in the highway
Unit 031 - Reassessed Monitoring reinstatement and compaction of backfill materials
Unit 032 - Reassessed Monitoring reinstatement of sub-base and roadbase in non-bituminous materials
Unit 033 - Reassessed Monitoring reinstatement in bituminous materials
Unit 034 - Reassessed Monitoring reinstatement of concrete slabs
Unit 035 - Reassessed Monitoring reinstatement of modular surfaces and concrete footways

Important Information

SWQR CARD/TICKET & OTHER ID: Please note ALL candidates MUST bring their SWQR card or ticket with them in order to sit their NRASW Reassessment exams. We would advise candidates/bookers to send us a copy of both sides of their SWQR card at the time of booking so that we can check it prior to the start of the course. The trainer will also check these on the first day of the course. Candidates are also required to bring a second form of ID on the day of the examination. Currently the only acceptable forms of ID are a photocard driving licence or a passport.

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