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Playground Maintenance



Anyone who has responsibility for looking after playgrounds in terms of managing and inspecting play sites and maintaining and repairing equipment. The course has been designed to meet an identified need to provide more detailed training on the maintenance side of playground management.


To provide practical and theoretical guidance on the maintenance of all the main types of playground equipment and of various elements of the general playground site.


By the end of the programme delegates will:

  • Have an understanding of the Legal Requirements relating to Playground Maintenance
  • Be aware of the Practical Maintenance and Inspection Methodology for a wide range of Playground equipment
  • Be aware of common maintenance issues and how to prioritise repairs


  • Legal requirements
  • Overview of maintenance clauses in the playground standards
  • Practical Maintenance and Inspection Methodology for each of the following:
      • Swings
      • Rocking Equipment
      • Rotating Equipment
      • Cable Runways
      • Space Nets and Rope structures
      • Static equipment - e.g. climbing frames, multi units, agility trails, slides
      • Self-built or custom-made equipment
      • Natural Elements -e.g. sand, water, boulders, tree trunks
      • Ancillary Items - gates, fences, seats, bins, signs
      • Planting and soft landscaping
      • Different types of playground surfacing
  • Common maintenance issues such as damage, wear and tear, vandalism etc.
      • Samples of broken or worn components, fixings etc.
      • Q & A on maintenance
  • Use of Risk Assessment in prioritising maintenance repairs

    A combination of training room based sessions and practical site work on an actual playground.

    A knowledge check is included at the end of the course - to reinforce the knowledge gained.

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