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A well-maintained property or business doesn’t just include internal factors and systems. Outdoor spaces also need to be subject to regular maintenance in order to comply with health and safety regulations and it also gives a great first impression to customers, visitors and employees. The primary goal of grounds maintenance is to improve the appearance of landscaped features.

What is Grounds Maintenance?

Grounds maintenance includes duties such as landscaping, mowing, pruning, irrigation system maintenance and repair and gutter clearance. It is considered seasonal work but is important for the majority of industries and sectors.

Grounds maintenance has three main purposes:

  1. Preserves the value of the property and can reduce damage.

  2. Creates a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

  3. Ensures a functional outdoor environment.

What are the Different Types of Ground Maintenance Workers?

The majority of grounds maintenance jobs have many overlapping responsibilities and usually are hired to perform a variety of tasks rather than specialising in one specific form of grounds maintenance. See below the common types of maintenance workers:

  • Groundskeepers: These are responsible for mowing lawns, caring for plants, shrubs and trees, the removal of snow and lawn care. Groundskeepers are also in charge of maintaining pathways, carparks, fences, outdoor furniture and groundskeeping equipment.

  • Landscapers: These are responsible for elevating an outdoor space by planting and caring for flowers, shrubs and trees. They are also skilled in redesigning outdoor spaces including the installation of lighting and water features

  • Pesticide handlers: These workers are in charge of preventing and controlling weeds, insect infestations and diseases. They are trained to work with fertilizers, pesticides and other preventative chemicals in order to stimulate plant and lawn growth as well as solve gardening problems.

  • Greenskeepers: These are the groundskeepers of golf courses and hold very similar roles to a Groundskeeper however with the addition of specialised golf course-related tasks such as relocating golf holes and maintaining sand bunkers.

  • Arborists: Are responsible for maintaining trees and shrubs using chainsaws, chippers and power pruners to clear dead and excess branches. 

What type of Grounds Maintenance does Skills Training Centre Offer?

At Skills Training Centre we offer a wide range of courses associated with grounds maintenance. Most courses are targeted at operational staff, providing relevant practical training that will improve the skills of the staff attending.

Our courses include:

Chainsaw Maintenance: This course covers identifying the appropriate chainsaw for the job, safety features and measures, and awareness of how to safely saw both small and large branches/trees.

Cable Avoidance Training: In this course, delegates will learn how to detect live cables, how to detect other services underground and the ability to complete their grounds maintenance tasks safely.

Pesticides: During this training, delegates will learn how to calculate the amount of pesticide needed for a particular area, be aware of the health and safety implications and learn the procedure for measuring, mixing and filling.

Tractor Driving: This course will enable participants to gain sufficient knowledge and skill in order to safely drive, operate and maintain a tractor and its associated equipment.

Strimmers, Hedge Trimmer and Brushcutters: During this training, course participants will learn how to safely operate the motorised equipment. Delegates will be able to understand the potential hazards and the safety precautions for refuelling, adjusting cords and changing blades.

See our full list of Grounds Maintenance training courses on our website.

Where does the training take place? 

Your staff can join one of the scheduled public courses that we provide for our popular programmes. If we don’t have a scheduled course, we will either link your staff with others to provide a cost-effective programme for you, or put your staff onto a waiting list and advise you of the likely timescale for the next course.

If you have a group of staff, we can provide standard Grounds Maintenance courses conveniently at your own venue, providing you have access to the appropriate facilities. This may prove more cost-effective and minor amendments can sometimes be incorporated to suit your specific requirements. If you are undertaking a course using your own equipment (strimmer; tractor; mowers etc.) and/or at your own location, you will need to ensure you have access to a room with tables and chairs for completing the paperwork. You will also require a workshop and/or undercover working area for maintenance; suitable ground nearby for operating equipment; and if possible, a suitable wash-off area. All equipment must be safe and in good working order with instruction/service manuals and appropriate tools for the machines used in the training/assessments.

We don’t believe in delivering courses that just tick boxes, we provide training that allows our attendees to learn new skills, improve existing skills and retain industry-based knowledge.

The courses we provide are designed to be relevant and cost-effective and are delivered to high standards. Our instructors are professional and experienced in their respective fields and are highly skilled at taking into account the needs of individuals with different skills, abilities and experiences. 

If you wish to gain further insight into our Grounds Maintenance training courses and what Skills Training Centre can provide for you, please get in touch.

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