LANTRA Highway Sector Scheme 12D - M7

Sector Scheme

Who should attend?

From the 1st April 2013 M7 is a mandatory requirement for technical officers and the organisation's TTM manager. It is also strongly recommended for all other managers/supervisors with TTM responsibilities.

Course aim

To provide learners with the necessary underpinning technical knowledge of temporary traffic management and the design procedures used by Highway Authorities, or contractors, or other organisations who require a knowledge of current basic practice.

Learning objectives

On completion of this course learners should:-

  • Have a working knowledge of National Highway Sector Schemes
  • Have an awareness of traffic management health & safety issues
  • Be able to interpret the requirements of 'The Safety at Street Works and Road Works, A Code of Practice (The Red Book)' and further guidance from 'The Traffic Signs Manual, Chapter 8'
  • Be able to consider all options available to determine the level and extent of the Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) required
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge of the site risk assessment process
  • Have the ability to assess and determine temporary traffic layout required for a given work location, activity or operation
  • Understand the standard of equipment that is acceptable to use
  • Realise the implications of changing conditions on site
  • Have the confidence to liaise with site staff for appropriate remedial actions
  • Have the ability to confirm suitability of TTM plans prior to work starting on site
Course content

This 2-day course is for all levels of management, client officers, technicians and any one not actually installing Temporary Traffic Management (TTM), but requiring knowledge of basic practice and design procedures for TTM on urban and rural roads.

  • Operative and scheme requirements.
  • Reference documentation and definitions
  • Categories of road network and operations
  • Principle responsibilities
  • Quick guide on highway legislation, affecting Temporary Traffic Management operations
  • Carry out on-site assessments
  • Equipment, uses and requirement for use
  • Site requirements, limitations and actions
  • Site works and monitoring
  • Site and activity specific requirements
  • Set scenarios of temporary traffic management requirements
Important Information
FULL AWARD ASSESSMENT Following completion of the 12D T7 training course, learners will obtain full M7 certification (Award M7) by completing an end of course classroom based assessment.To fully complete the award each candidate is required to successfully complete: 1x classroom based test

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