Asbestos Awareness

Building Maintenance

Who should attend?

This course has been designed for Managers, Supervisors, & Operatives who need an awareness of Asbestos and knowledge of what to do if it is found/suspected.

Course aim

To provide an awareness of Asbestos and knowledge of what to do if it is found/suspected.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course participants will have an understanding of:-

  • Procedures required to identify Asbestos
  • Where it is likely to/may be found as part of their work
  • Dangers, hazards and risks of exposure
  • The limits of work with Asbestos
  • The relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice and other sources of authoritative guidance
  • Organisational procedures
  • What to do if Asbestos is found or suspected
  • Support and contact details
  • Who can and cannot engage in this type of work
  • Safe working procedures, precautions and controls
  • Health Monitoring requirements
  • Waste disposal requirements for Asbestos and contaminated materials
Course content
  • What is Asbestos - nature forms and names.
  • Legal framework for working with Asbestos containing materials (Regulations and ACOP's).
  • Health hazards and affects
  • Exposure limits and action levels
  • Identification - sampling, testing and labelling
  • Risk Assessment - for exposure and MHSW Regs
  • Information, instruction and training requirements
  • Duties of employees
  • Duties to other persons (visitors etc.)
  • Health records and surveillance
  • Control of waste, storage, labelling, licensed disposer/tip

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New Southgate, N11 1GN 07/12/2022 09:00 1 day £120.00 8 Spaces
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