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Frequently Asked Questions

Driver CPC courses must be a minimum of 7 hours duration in order for us to meet JAUPT scheme requirements. This means a minimum of 7 hours of contact time with course candidates. Licence checks, tea breaks and lunch breaks are not included in these 7 hours. Please note, courses will have to run beyond the estimated finish time printed on delegates’ course joining details in order that your course can be uploaded to JAUPT as an approved 7 hour programme that counts towards your driver’s hours.

The issue numbers on my photocard and counterpart are different.

If you present a licence that has different issue numbers on the photocard and paper counterpart, you are still eligible to attend the training.

My photocard has expired.

If you present a photocard licence with an expired photo for Periodic Training, then you must also present a valid passport for ID verification purposes. If you are able to provide a counterpart with a valid passport then the training can go ahead but you should arrange to have your photocard updated as soon as possible.

If you are unable to present a valid passport then unfortunately you are not eligible to attend the training.

I have a non-UK issued driving licence.

Driver CPC applies across all EU Member States therefore all professional EU drivers are also required to qualify and hold a Driver CPC (EU nationals normally resident/working in the UK and third country nationals authorised to work in the UK). If you present an EU driving licence, then your attendance will not be uploaded onto the Driver CPC database in the same manner as UK licence holders.

You will receive a Record of Attendance Certificate which you should then keep and upon completion of your 35 hours of Periodic Training, you will need to obtain a DQC1 form which you should send to the DSA along with your records of attendance.

I have an EU licence but I have been issued with a UK counterpart by the DVLA.

A foreign driver from an EU country resident in the UK who is driving on a foreign licence with a UK Counterpart is still regarded as driving on a foreign licence, even though the Counterpart will have a UK Driver Number. Therefore your attendance will not be uploaded onto the Driver CPC database and you will be issued with a Record of Attendance Certificate as above.

What are the running times of the Periodic Training?

The standard* running times of the Periodic Training are as follows:

  • Arrival time : 08.00 (registration and licence checks)
  • AM Session : 08.30 – 12.15 (to include one 15 min break)
  • Lunch : 12.15 – 12.45 (max. 30 mins)
  • PM Session : 12.45 – 16.30 (to include one 15 min break)

*Some venues may arrange different times to suit their needs. Please refer to the Joining Instructions you have received along with this sheet.

When will I receive my DQC (Driver Qualification Card)?

DQCs are issued by the DSA and are triggered upon the upload of your final Driver CPC hours, and should be received within 15 working days. Please note that this is only valid if you have a photocard licence. If you still hold a paper licence, then you will not receive your DQC until you have upgraded your licence to a photocard one.

I passed my test prior to 10th September 2009, but have since added another category to my licence and do not have an existing DQC.

Anyone who passed their car driving test before 1997 automatically has the licence category C1 on their licence, and as a result of this has acquired rights to DCPC for LGV, regardless of extra categories added. (This only applies until 9th September 2014.)

Alternatively you can download a copy of the joining instructions for Driver CPC courses.

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