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Playground Inspection

The aim of these programmes is to enable delegates to carry out either routine visual or operational playground inspections safely, in accordance with the European Standards and to take appropriate follow up actions. If required, we can assess individual playground inspectors to the national RPII standards and register their competence with the Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII). For further details, there is a brochure available for you to download from the Brochures menu option.


Routine Visual Inspection courses are for anyone responsible for carrying out routine visual (daily/weekly) inspections of children’s play equipment or play areas.

Operational Playground Inspection courses are for anyone responsible for carrying out operational (one to three monthly) inspections of play equipment or play areas and those in a supervisory or maintenance role.

Operational Playground Inspection Refresher courses are also available for those who have previously attended the Operational Playground Inspection course within the last three years.


Playground Maintenance courses are for anyone who has responsibility for looking after playgrounds in terms of managing and inspecting play sites and maintaining and repairing equipment. The course has been designed to meet an identified need to provide more detailed training on the maintenance side of playground management. Inspections, standards, risk management, etc are all covered but the emphasis is on maintenance issues and would be of specific interest to those whose job it is to maintain play equipment on a day to day basis.


The Register of Play Inspectors International (RPII) is the nationally recognised body for the examination of and registration of playground inspectors who are competent to carry out inspections to the EN standards. Our inspection courses are provided to RPII standards, and our candidates are examined by RPII examiners, and when successful are registered with the RPII as competent inspectors.