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Other Training Courses

STC courses are designed to be effective, informative and efficient in their delivery and are conciously developed to be useful across a broad range of subjects.

At STC our philosophy is to build on existing skills, introduce new ones and drive performance. Our clients, quite rightly, are looking for a return on their training investment. By focusing on skills and competencies we know we can add value. For further details, there is a brochure available for you to download from the Brochures menu option.

Please find opposite a range of courses that we can deliver skills training for.

Broad Range Courses - Some of our courses such as Customer Care & Coping at the Sharp End and Introduction to Supervision provide training which can be valuable to a variety of careers and industries.

Industry Specific Courses - We also provide other courses such as Food Hygiene and Construction Skills Certificate Scheme - Health & Safety courses are specific to certain industries which require that particuar training.

If you do not see the course what you want listed, please use the enquiry option above to contact us with details of your specific requirements and we will be happy to assist you.