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First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid etc.
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First Aid at Work

We offer a full range of scheduled HSE Approved First Aid at Work Courses and Paediatric First Aid courses. If you have a particular first aid training requirement or work in an environment likely to require specific first aid knowledge we can also provide this.

Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations

Businesses now have more flexibility in how they manage their provision of first aid in the workplace following an amendment to the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 on 1 October 2013, which removed the requirement for the HSE to approve first aid training and qualifications

You are required by law to make an assessment of significant risks in your workplace. Your first aid provision will depend on your risk assessment.

Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations state that employers must provide:

  • Adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities
  • Adequate numbers of suitable persons to administer first aid
  • A responsible person to take charge when the designated first aider is absent
  • Information to all employees concerning the arrangements for first aid

Self employed people must provide adequate and appropriate equipment and facilities to provide first aid to themselves.

What do you need to do?

What is adequate and appropriate will depend on the circumstances in your workplace and you need to assess what your first aid needs are.

The minimum first aid provision on any work site is:

  • A suitably stocked first aid box
  • An appointed person to take charge of first aid arrangements
  • Information for all employees about what they need to do in case of an emergency

It is also important to remember that accidents can happen at any time.

First aid provision needs to be available at all times people are at work.