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Winter Maintenance 6159 - Training

Important Information - Please read before you Book

Candidates should be familiar with and have experience of driving the gritter in which they are to take their assessment.  The same vehicle must be available on the Health & Safety day (unit 080) and any practical training days.  In particular they must be familiary with the type of gear box fitted and any PTO systems in the vehicle. All drivers to be assessed must be in posession of a DQC (driver qualification card) and must bring both their DQC and driving licence along to their practical assessments.  In the event that any of your staff are booked to complete winter service training and assessment with us and do not have a DQC you will be required to complete a disclaimer confirming that you have taken legal advice on the matter and that your staff are exempt from DCPC.



All those responsible for operating road gritting machines and snow clearing machinery.


To provide staff with relevant information to enable them to operate the machinery safely and effectively:-


  • Inspecting and checking vehicles for safety and roadworthiness
  • Inspecting ploughs and practice at mounting/dismounting (if applicable)
  • Explanation of spreader controls
  • Weather forecasting technology
  • Effects of salt on environment
  • Need for calibration and correct metering and distribution
  • Salt mining, storage, handling and suitability
  • Health and safety at work
  • Protective clothing
  • Weighing and record keeping
  • Washing down and parking of vehicles

Scheduled Dates Available

We offer bespoke Winter Service training throughout the UK. Please click here to make an enquiry and provide as much detail as you can about your requirements to enable us to assist you with arranging suitable dates at your location.


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