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Pesticides - PA1 & PA6a



Any member of staff who will be required to carry out spraying operations using hydraulic nozzle and rotary atomiser applicators, granular or hand held applicators requiring minimal calibration.


On completion of the course, staff will have sufficient skill and knowledge to pass the National Proficiency Test Councils test for module PA6A


To train staff to:

  • Select an applicator appropriate to the requirements of the job
  • Check applicators
  • Interpret product label recommendations
  • Select application rate
  • Calculate area to be treated
  • Have a knowledge of nozzle components, assembly, purposes and methods of use
  • Select appropriate pressure
  • Check function of applicator
  • Carry out calibration procedure
  • Demonstrate procedure for measuring, mixing and filling
  • Apply material safely and efficiently
  • Have a knowledge of how to minimise drift
  • Demonstrate personal hygiene
  • Clean applicator
  • Dismantle and carry out routine servicing/replacement of parts
  • Have a knowledge of how to care for, clean and store applicator and protective clothing

Scheduled Dates Available

Pesticides - PA1 & PA6a   (3 days)
02/03/2020 - 04/03/2020 New Southgate Login
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08:30 - 16:00 £580


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