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Playground Inspection - Operational Inspections (Refresher Only)

Playground Inspection - Operational Inspections (Refresher Only)

OPTION 1 : 1 Day training only


This is a refresher course, so is only suitable for those who have attended a two day training course on Operational Inspections of Children's Playgrounds within the past three years.

A Skills Training Centre certificate will be issued to those who complete the course. (NB. Any candidates who attended the two day course more than three years ago will have to re-attend the two day course).

Those completing the one day refresher will be eleigible to take the Register of Play Inspectors International assesment for operational inspections on an additional day(option 2: extra charges apply)


  • Option 1: STC certificate of training


  • Introduction to safety
  • The importance of play to children and child development
  • Playground accidents, types, severity and reasons
  • The legal framework for playgrounds and inspections; negligence, case law, Acts of Parliament
  • Health and safety at work
  • A general knowledge of the European playground standards EN1176 & EN1177
  • Types and hierarchy of playground inspections
  • Risk assessment
  • Principles of risk assessment
  • Using risk assessments to make decisions & appropriate follow up actions
  • Reporting and paperwork
  • Inspection of specific play equipment or play features including surfacing
  • Checking of maintenance and other playground actions taken
  • Common faults with popular items
  • How to inspect adequately and safely (including approaches to playgrounds; playground surroundings; and the active playground area, including non-play items)
  • Common faults with popular equipment
  • Practical on-site inspection
  • Optional RPII assessment

Scheduled Dates Available

Sorry, there are currently no places available on the scheduled dates for this course. Please click here to make an enquiry and provide as much detail as you can about your requirements.


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