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214 Safe Isolation & Working in the Vicinity of DNO/IDNO Equipment Including G39

Important Information - Please read before you Book

In order to gain maximum benefit and learning outcomes from this course, employers will need to complete a Suitability Form to confirm that their delegates have an appropriate level of knowledge or experience of the following topics and that they are confident that staff can work safely or have attended the relevant HESA Training Modules: Health, Safety and Environment at Work Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Electrical Safety Moving and Handling Interpretation of Legislation & Standards Emergency Preparedness Hazards and Risk Assessment Safe Isolation Procedures

Working in the Vicinity of DNO/IDNO equipment including G39


All those involved in work requiring access to powered street furniture or highways equipment


This course aims to provide employees working within the Highway Electrical Sector with the appropriate safety knowledge and practical key skills required for work in the vicinity of DNO equipment. This includes overhead power lines and the removal and replacement of DNO cut-out fuse carriers in a safe and responsible manner and to comply with the responsibilities under organisation and legislative policies.


There are a number of prerequisites which candidates must satisfy before attending. See Blue "Important Information - Please read before you Book" section above


On completion of the course learners will:

  • State the associated Hazards and Risks
  • State the acceptable clearances between lighting columns and overhead lines
  • State the different methods of providing a mains supply
  • Describe their responsibilities regarding commissioning, maintenance, repair and emergency attention
  • State the method of work to be adopted when working in the vicinity of live conductors
  • List the PPE requirements
  • Demonstrate the ability to correctly remove and replace a cut-out fuse carrier for isolation purposes and fuse replacement
  • Carry out a polarity check


  • Electrical Injuries
  • Overview of EREC G39 Issue 2 2013
  • Overview of ILP HV OHL Supplement to the ILP CoP for Electrical Safety in Highway Electrical Operations
  • PPE
  • Statutory requirements
  • Means of providing electricity supplies
  • Commissioning, Maintenance, Repair and Emergency Attention including supply cable insulation shrinkage
  • Cut-out fuse carrier removal and replacement procedures


There is a multi-choice test paper and individual practical assessment upon conclusion of this course.

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