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Intermediate Plumbing



This course is aimed at caretaking staff who need an overview of working safely with plumbing hand tools and the hazards associated with looking after plumbing systems.


It will provide an overview of repairing leaks on plumbing systems and an overview of plumbing taps excetera and fitting washers up to ¾


To reach the stated aims and objectives the following course programme will be undertaken:-

  • Hazards and precautions when working with plumbing systems
  • Mixing materials/do's and don'ts
  • Dissimilar materials /galvanic erosion etc
  • Chlorination of portable systems
  • Chemicals used in heating systems
  • Fall and rise in pipe work
  • Venting draining/isolation
  • Expansion/clipping etc
  • Hazards associated with working on or nearby steam systems
  • Choked pipes/overflows
  • Clearing air locks
  • Types of wastes and where they are used
  • Potential hazards with blocked drains and wastes
  • Checking conditions of seals etc
  • Rewashed/repacking
  • Fitting seals to glands/different types of taps and uses

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