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Grave Digging



On completion of the course members will know how to deal with all types of ground and the methods of shoring of grave excavations using hydraulic grave shore units.


By the end of the course delegates will be aware of:-

    • How to excavate in bad ground
    • How to excavate in good ground
    • Methods of shoring using graveshore units (Hydraulic)
    • Safely strike and backfill
    • Safely Excavate by hand
    • Safely Excavate by machine


    • Introduction - Construction Regulations on excavations
    • Religious Protocols
    • Measuring & Setting Out
    • Excavating by hand and machine in all types of ground
    • Inspection & Testing of equipment
    • Shoring terminology
    • Shoring methods in Hydraulic units
    • Shoring up using Hydraulic graveshore
    • Striking and backfilling graveshore units

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