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Chainsaw: Windblown Trees (NPTC)



All staff who work with windblown trees using chainsaws


To provide delegates with the skills to safely sever uprooted or windblown trees using a chainsaw


At the end of the course, candidates should be able to :

  • Sever uprooted and windblown trees using a chainsaw
  • Understand relavant health and safety legislation and industry good practice in relation to windblown trees


  • Risk assessment and hazard identification
  • Emergency procedures
  • Minimising environmental damage
  • Use and maintenace of tools, equipment and PPE
  • Maintining health & safety consistant with relevant legislation and good practise
  • Safe starting of chainsaw
  • Planning a system of work
  • Using banksman, operator communications and maintaining safety where machinery is present
  • Preparing sites and establishing escape routes
  • Preparing stems
  • Safety precautions and considering additional factors when using winches
  • Setting up winches
  • Using winch restraints when they are neccesary for root plates and stems
  • Tension and compression
  • Severing root plates and hazards
  • Felling broken trees and safe removal using approrpriate methods and tools
  • Severing partially uprooted and windblown trees
  • Methods of severing uprooted trees, under and over guide bar length in diameter
  • Cross cutting timber to length using a chainsaw
  • Stacking produce using appropriate aids and tools
  • Checking that the site and trees worked on are left tidy in a safe condition
  • Methods of waste disposal in line with legislation

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