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LANTRA Highway Sector Scheme 12D - M6

Important Information - Please read before you Book

Learners must have achieved 12D T1 and T2 and have successfully completed their M1 and M2 assessments before undertaking this course.

LANTRA HIGHWAY SECTOR SCHEME - 12D T6 (M6) - Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative


This 1-day course covers the requirements for a learner to become a Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative (RLTMO).


Registered Traffic Management Operatives (RTMO) needing to supervise traffic management.


Learners must have achieved 12D T1 and T2 and have successfully completed their M1 and M2 assessments before undertaking this course.


To provide learners with the necessary underpinning technical knowledge and skill to supervise a gang or gangs who will be undertaking the installation, maintenance, and removal of temporary traffic management.


On completion of this course learners will:-

  • Understand the aims & principles of the National Highway Sector Schemes.
  • Have an awareness of traffic management health & safety issues.
  • Appreciate the different sources of information regarding traffic management and in particular understand the key issues and differences between Chapter 8 and the Code of Practice (Red Book).
  • Understand the risk assessment process and how to apply it to traffic management.
  • Have an understanding of the role of the RLTMO and have demonstrated the ability to, assess the suitability of equipment, to monitor the changing conditions on site, and recommend appropriate remedial action as necessary.
  • Be able to ascertain when management intervention is required.


    Day One

  • Chapter 8 & Safety at Streetworks & Roadworks.
  • Revision of low speed dual carriageways, convoy working and multiphase signals.
  • Risk assessments & method statements.
  • Traffic Management - basic principles.
  • Signing, lighting and guarding details.
  • Site maintenance and legal issues.
  • Permanent and temporary signs and roadmarkings - conflicts.
  • Action to deal with poor visibility & speeding traffic.
  • Footways, pedestrians, excavations and guarding details.
  • Moving and short duration minor works.
  • Pedestrian & cycle crossings & cycle tracks.
  • Works at junctions & roundabouts
  • Road closures
  • Day Two

  • Identifying traffic control needs.
  • Portable signals.
  • Stop & go.
  • Speed control and speed limits.
  • Unusual situations and techniques - tramways, railway level crossings, transition sections, escort vehicles.
  • Vehicle issues


Following completion of the 12D T6 training course, learners will obtain Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative status (Award M6) by completing two end of course classroom based assessments.

To fully complete the award each candidate is required to successfully complete:

  • 2x classroom based tests

Scheduled Dates Available

Sorry, there are currently no places available on our scheduled dates for this course. If you would like an in-house course or a place(s) on the next scheduled course, please make an enquiry via our Enquiries Page and we will be happy to advise availability and costs.


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