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Mason Improvers



All staff intending to become Mason Paviors


To be able to correctly carry out different types of setting out for Kerb Laying

To be able to correctly lay Paving Blocks and cut in paved and Block paved areas.

To be able to correctly lay straight runs of Kerbs, Channels and Radii.


By the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • Set out correctly for Kerbs and Channels using various techniques
  • Be able to lay paving and block paving correctly
  • Be able to cut in paving and block paved areas
  • Be aware of different laying methods for Kerbs etc
  • Be able to lay different types of Kerbs and Channels


  • Theory on methods of all types of setting out for Kerb Laying.
  • Paving and Block Laying - emphasising the need for accuracy.
  • Introduction to setting out equipment.
  • Terminology.
  • Practical setting out exercises for Kerb Laying and Channels.
  • Individual tests on setting out for Paved areas.
  • On individual tests accuracy will be closely monitored.
  • Theory on laying and cutting Paving-Blocks and setting covers in footways
  • Practical exercises on Laying & Cutting paved areas
  • Practical exercises on Laying & Cutting block paved areas
  • Individual exercises on Paved areas
  • Individual exercises on Block Paved areas
  • Theory on laying methods for Kerbs, Dry bed method, Wet bed method, Radii etc
  • Practical exercise on Laying Straight Runs for Kerbs, and Channels and Radii
  • Practical exercise on using / laying Granite Kerbs, edge kerb and flat kerb
  • Individual exercises on laying P/Cast Kerbs/Channels

All tests will be closely monitored and videotaped and discussed with candidates.

Exercises will include all high and medium priorities for each candidate.

Scheduled Dates Available

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