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Woodworking - Portable Power Tools



For those who work with wood and wood-based materials using portable power tools both within the workshop and elsewhere in the workplace.Equally, it is for those who manage or supervise such environments and for those who carry any responsibility for health and safety in these workplaces.


This seminar aims to create a detailed understanding of the wide-ranging hazards and risks associated with the use of portable power tools in woodworking.From this will be developed a systematic practical approach minimising those risks in an area of woodworking which is often largely ignored from the safety viewpoint. Regulatory compliance, including pending new legislation, will be explained in straightforward terms and, importantly, the latest engineered systems and safety techniques will be amply reviewed. Electrical, pneumatic and cordless types will be covered.


  • Accidents - underlying causes and practical solutions
  • Implications of the Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) for using Portable 
  • Woodworking power tools.
  • Review of the new European Directive on hand-arm and whole-body vibration.
  • Systematic safe working with portable power tools in woodworking.
  • Interactive group work developing techniques and systems.
  • Update on latest engineered safety systems, best practices and risk reduction strategies.

NOTE: Chainsaws and other power tools used in Forestry and Horticulture for primary cutting will not be covered in this course.

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