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Woodworking - Managing Wood Dust



The course is designed for those who work with wood and wood based materials in small workshops, those who manage or supervise such environments and those who carry any responsibility for health and safety in these workplaces.


This course presents an authoritative and up to date coverage of the practicalities of managing the risks from wood dust in small workshops.

It looks initially at the legal framework to form the basis of compliance and from this develops a set of principles and practical techniques aimed at the reduction of airborne wood dust

Included in these can be extraction and other engineering methodologies which can be applied in a cost effective manner to delegates workplaces to minimise the risks from wood dust particles.

Throughout the day the emphasis is on creating an understanding of the causes of wood dust which will subsequently allow an informed selection of dust minimising techniques

Reducing the hazards at source is a key element of health and safety practice/ policy.The aim of the course is to show cost effective methods of achieving it


  • The hazards of wood dust in small workshops
  • Legal compliance, and requirements to maintain a safe working environment
  • A methodology to systematically analyse existing equipment and produce a dust reduction strategy
  • Optimisation techniques for extraction systems
  • Additional measures to reduce dust creation
  • The cost effective approach to reducing risk from wood dust

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