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Reversing of Vehicles


All those required to assist drivers with reversing


To be able to assist with reversing of vehicles giving the correct signals and instructions to drivers/operators.


By the end of the programme delegates will be:

  • Aware of the reasons for having an assistant to help with reversing of vehicles
  • Aware of appropriate PPE to be worn when assisting in the reversing of vehicles
  • For drivers/operators to be aware of their responsibilities
  • Able to give correct signals to drivers/operators
  • Aware of the appropriate safety precautions that should be followed when assisting with the reversing of vehicles


Site Planning

  • Workers on Foot
  • Drivers and Operators
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Access/Egress
  • Timing of Work


  • On-site signals to be used
  • Positioning
  • Visibility
  • Communication


  • Approved Footwear
  • Hard hat
  • Eye protection
  • High Visibility Clothing.

Scheduled Dates Available

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