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Highway Inspection - Legal with LANTRA


The aim of this course is to give someone carrying out Highways Inspection detailed knowledge of Highways Law, Enforcement and certain areas of Highways Maintenance. In order for those attending to obtain best value from the course it is expected that they will have several years experience of highways inspection, or have completed the Technical Course and had at least 6 months subsequent experience.


Lantra Awards specialises in qualifications and training for people in the land-based sector through a network of local approved centres and training providers, and has more than 30 years experience in this field. They incorporate the former National Fencing Training Authority and their training and qualifications in fencing means that the also work closely with the highways industry. They are an approved NVQ/SVQ and VQ awarding body. The Highway Inspection Technical/Legal courses are a customised course with LANTRA. Customised Awards were designed to enable training providers to access certification for the training and/or assessment that they offer. It is aimed primarily at those delivering local training and education to a specific target group. If you would like further information on LANTRA please have a look on their website


  • To understand the fundamentals of Highway Law and its influence on the management of the Highway for the benefit of users
  • To understand the requirements for collecting accurate evidence/data, taking statements and their use in the legal process. To gain confidence in presenting evidence in Court
  • How to contribute to Network serviceability and to develop an understanding of the procedures to protect the integrity of the highway
  • To develop the concept of 'the public as customer' and how to deliver best value in highways maintenance

To develop a practical awareness of NRASWA and its allied Codes of Practice

  • To understand how to contribute to Network safety and the importance of safe working practice associated with work on the highway


  • The methods by which highways are created, diverted or extinguished
  • Responsibilities and liabilities of Highway Authorities under common law and Statute
  • The Duties and Powers by which Highway Authorities manage the highway.
  • Procedures used by Highway Authorities e.g. dealing with vehicles which are abandoned on the highway, scaffolding, nuisance etc
  • Importance of contemporary records and their use to prosecute and defend legal actions.
  • Preparing and presenting evidence in a Courtroom scenario
  • The responsibilities of Highways Authorities to co-ordinate street works
  • The main provisions of the NRSWA and the - Reinstatement, Co-ordination, Inspection, and Signing & Guarding Codes of Practice
  • Footpaths and Rights of Way legislation
  • Delivering Best Value in Highways Maintenance
  • Traffic Signs Manual
  • Highways Act 1980, Environment Protection Act, etc
  • Maintenance regime for highway structures

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