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Violence At Work



Preventing and dealing with Violence at Work


In this day and age many staff are subjected to serious levels of aggression and intimidation. Such staffs is usually highly experienced, but over time, this unwarranted provocation can take its toll and may lead to an underlying questioning about the risks in carrying out the duties of the job.

This course will help staff that work in particularly high risk situations: working with the general public who may be unpredictable and often have anonymity on their side. Also staff that may have to contend with gangs, individuals affected by substances, or a real risk of serious assault.

Staff facing this level of risk normally work alone with little or no possibility of summoning help should there be a problem. The situations they face are totally unpredictable and the outcome relies almost entirely on their own skills.


At the end of the programme delegates will be able to:

  • Control reactions and reduce panic
  • Assess the level of danger
  • Avoid provocative and victim behaviour
  • Handle aggressive or violent behaviour, threats and intimidation


  • The build up to an aggressive or violent situation
  • The event happens
  • Choices and possibilities for action
  • The aftermath - psychological and emotional
  • Stress awareness

The programme is designed to help staff to handle and resolve difficult situations confidently.

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