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Intermediate Food Hygiene



Rigorous enforcement of food hygiene legislation is important but it is not in itself sufficient to prevent food poisoning. Food poisoning is normally caused by negligence or ignorance and consequently most experts in food hygiene believe that a reduction in the high level of food poisoning cases will be achieved only by the education of food handlers.

One of the most successful and cost effective methods of reducing the risk of food poisoning is to ensure that all staff receive comprehensive training in the aspects of hygiene relating to their work. Well trained and informed staff is essential in every food establishment. All personnel must be motivated to work towards the objectives of the organization.

The Institution of Environmental Health Officers designed its intermediate food hygiene course for those in a supervisory role.


  • General introduction
  • Bacteriology
  • Food poisoning and food-borne disease
  • Physical contamination of food and its prevention
  • Food storage and temperature control
  • Food preservation
  • Design and construction of food premises and equipment
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Pest control
  • Personal hygiene
  • Legislation
  • Supervisory management


  • The Institution of Environmental Health Officers Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate

Scheduled Dates Available

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