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Community Transport

We provide a range of training courses that have been specifically designed for Local Authority and Private Sector staff who are required to transport both able bodied and those with disabilities in minibuses; coaches; and taxis.

Ideal for Drivers and Escorts, the courses are designed to be practical and directly relate to the safety of all Passengers including those in Wheelchairs. We also cover the various behavioural difficulties and special needs that Drivers and Escorts may be required to deal with as part of their role.

Some of the courses can be taken as stand-a-lone training programmes, or they can be provided as part of the City & Guilds 6033 – Community Care Transport Vocational Qualification.


The City & Guilds qualification is intended to fulfil the needs of Drivers and Escorts working in Community Transport. It is designed to be responsive, flexible and at the same time comprehensive and thorough enough to ensure that legislatively minimum requirements are adhered to. Five units have been developed that cover the core areas of operation: Unit 201 – Health & Safety; Unit 202 – Checking the Vehicle; Unit 203 – Operating & Checking the Tail Lift; Unit 204 – Securing Passengers & Wheelchairs; Unit 205 – Emergency Evacuation